Candid, Authentic
Joyful, Intimate, One Of A Kind

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

We capture the kinda love that makes you laugh with happy tears rolling down your face.

Isabelle Buckley Photography is a place that celebrates genuine, real, and special moments that “you just have to be there” for - no matter how big or small. We bring the fun wherever we go because we truly believe life is better when we are all laughing together.

We strive to get to know the real you, your story, and your relationships in front of the camera and off camera. To us, being real and having fun is where the best photos are taken.


We are a champion for self-love. We believe all of our clients are beautiful in their own ways and it is an honour for us to be capturing that beauty through our lens. Our goal is for you to see yourselves the way your parents, best friend, and significant other see you: beautiful, one of a kind, and worthy.

It goes without saying, we go beyond taking “just an updated profile picture”, we pride ourselves on delivering candid photos that brings back nostalgic memories for years to come.


We are committed to providing a seamless, memorable, and personalized experience for our clients that makes them feel welcomed, excited, and valued. We don't want to be just another "hired photographer". We want to be your friend with a camera... because that's when magic happens. You will receive photos where you feel as beautiful as you look with the added bonus that you will know that’s all you! No photoshop required.

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Btw, Nice to meet you!

I am Isabelle, the outgoing, fun-loving woman behind the camera!

I started my business to fuel a creative passion. The overall feeling of happiness and joy I capture in photos balances out the often sad and discouraging moments of my nursing career. The story of your life is worth telling and it’s so rewarding for me that I get to be there full circle, for ALL of life’s important moments. I give 100% to both my jobs and they both bring me tremendous amounts of joy and satisfaction.

Life’s beautiful moment’s deserve beautiful memories.

As a nurse, I am often reminded of the fragility of life. Not to take anything for granted. I preach living life to the fullest, eating the slice of pizza, going on that road trip, and taking those photos. Life’s beautiful moment’s deserve beautiful memories.  

People would describe me as outgoing, loud, impulsive, and fun-loving. If it promises a good time, I’m there! Above everything I value good customer service, honesty, and hard work. All of these are built into by business. That’s how much they mean to me!

My goal as a photographer is to work hard to meet and exceed your expectations, produce quality images, and to have a good time while doing it! 

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Nominated best new business (2019)



Recognitions & features

1.If I could live anywhere IN THE WORLD,  it would be...

2.My ultimate dream job is...


4.My drink of choice is...

Get To Know Me Better!

A) Canada
B) England
C) New Zealand

A) Destination wedding photographer
B) Stay at home dog mom
C) Nurse
D) All of the above... depends on the day ;) 

A) I was born in the USA
B) I have never broken a bone
C) I used to dance competitively
D) I laugh at something stupid I said/did at least once a day

A) Margarita
B) Vodka/soda (thx diabetes)
C) Pina Colada
D) Strawberry Daiquiri



Big or small, every moment counts, and they deserve to be captured on film forever. I will capture your first look, first kiss, first dance on your wedding day and the way you look at each other, hold each other, love each other. I will capture your growing family, and all the milestones that comes with that!

These moments are important to you, and that makes them important to me.

It would be an honour to be your photographer.

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